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Applications due Dec 6, 2018

Generation IT is a 12-week IT Hardware bootcamp designed to train future technology professionals in computer and network fundamentals.

9am - 3pm, M - F

What Will You Learn?

These are just some of the technologies you will learn in the course. Don't let it intimidate you! No experience is required. This course was specifically designed to take someone with zero experience and teach them what they need to know to Actually Work as a junior-level IT Professional. We are here for you every step of the way!
Class Orientation and Introduction
Week 1

  • Introduction to Industry, Role, and Pathway
  • Customer Focus
  • Introduction to Computers
  • The Inside of a Computer

Motherboard, RAM, and CPU
Week 2

  • Motherboards
  • Troubleshooting
  • Addressing a Client
  • RAM
  • CPU

Drives, Power Supplies, Peripherals, Connectors and Custom Configurations
Week 3

  • Drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Peripherals and Connectors
  • Display Devices
  • Custom Configurations
  • Tickets and Ticketing Systems
  • Intro to 901 Exam

Networking and Mobile Devices
Week 4

  • Prioritizing and Elevating Tickets
  • Introduction to Networking
  • TCP/IP
  • SOHO Routers
  • Printers
  • Remote Support

Laptop and Mobile Devices
Week 5

  • Laptop Hardware
  • Mobile Devices
  • Common Issues on Mobile Devices

901 Exam
Weeks 6 - 7

Students will prepare for to take the CompTIA+ 901 exam.

Week 8

  • Introduction to Windows
  • Installing Windows
  • Configuring Windows
  • Implementing Hard Drives
  • Client Side Virtualization
  • Maintaining Windows
  • Troubleshooting Windows

Other Operating Systems and Intro to Security
Week 9

  • Introduction to Other Operating Systems
  • The Cloud
  • Network Servers
  • Introduction to Mobile Operating Systems
  • Installing and Configuring Mobile Device Connectivity
  • Configuring Email on a Mobile Device
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Introduction to Security
  • Prevention Methods
  • Windows Security Settings

Week 10

  • Securing and Workstation Best Practices
  • Securing Mobile Devices
  • Destruction and Disposal Methods
  • Securing and SOHO Wireless and Wired Network
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Operational Procedures

902 Exam & Career Prep and Interviewing
Weeks 11 - 12

Students will prepare for to take the CompTIA+ 902 exam.